Got a couple of minutes?

I am curious what is your biggest challenge when it comes to losing weight?

Sticking to a diet or knowing what workouts to do for your body type?

Reply Diet or workout

If they Reply sticking to a diet

Gotcha, yep I totally understand. Do you know what you should be eating and just have a hard time sticking to it or are you not sure what are the best foods to eat?

If they reply sticking to it

That makes sense, usually when someone says they have a hard time sticking to their diet is because they don’t get to enjoy any of the food they love.

If I could show a way you could lose weight and still enjoy the food you love would you be interested?

Yes or No

If they reply I don’t know what to eat.

That makes sense, knowing what to eat can be so frustrating.  If I could show you a simple meal plan you can easily follow would you be like to know more about it?

Yes or No

If they Reply what are the best workouts

Yep, I know it can be so confusing .  If I could share with  you a simple workout that only takes 30 minutes and is guaranteed to work would you be interested?

Yes  No

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